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Advocacy Councils

As the leading advocate for the homebuilding industry in the greater Sacramento region, the North State 黄金城官网 is committed to preserving and furthering the economic interests of its members, while also working to enhance the industry’s standing as a significant contributor to the regional economy. The 黄金城官网 continues to be in close communication with local jurisdictions and key agencies regarding the need to support homebuilding.

The North State Building Industry Association’s government and public affairs department works on behalf of the industry by advocating for public policies that promote a healthy building climate, so that well-planned communities continue growing to meet the region’s housing needs.

Few industries are as influenced by local government regulations, fees, and policies as the building industry. The NS黄金城官网 serves as the representative voice of members within its North California multi-county region.


Jobs created


In Taxes generated

Because of our industry’s impact on our region’s economy, the NS黄金城官网’s efforts are particularly important. For instance, the Sacramento region’s economic benefit from new home construction in one year was valued at more than $7.4 billion, creating 66,000 jobs, and generating $879 million in federal, state, and local taxes.

Our government relations team is tasked with strategically and effectively delivering information about the homebuilding industry’s economic impacts and job creation when we advocate on behalf of our industry. We receive input and direction from our policy councils (builder and developer councils) made up of NS黄金城官网 members with specific geographical interests and/or expertise on critical issues related to fees and land development.

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Group 1168

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Group 1171

Our Strategic Approach

Providing effective jurisdictional coverage and proactively shaping public policy

Building effective advocacy capacity in our collaborative partnership.

Creating policy that benefits the industry and the community

Engaging in political advocacy that supports our members’ interests

Providing campaign support for business-minded candidates

Recent Awards

The North State 黄金城官网 won the Best Local Government Affairs Program in the U.S. for 2019 from the National Association of Homebuilders for halting exorbitant affordable housing fees by creating Housing Trust Placer, and independent nonprofit designed to generate funding for affordable projects in the county from a variety of sources.

2016 Best Local Government Affairs Program in the U.S. for building the largest local PAC in the region and executing effective campaign strategies

2021 Policy Highlights

黄金城官网 Helps City of Sacramento Win Planning Award 
The California Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA) recently awarded the City of Sacramento’s Planning Department its 2021 Planning Agency Award. They based their selection on four criteria: quality, outreach and engagement, innovation, and implementation. A few of the key initiatives that the city highlighted in its application to APA was its simplified ADU rules, the “e-Comment” online planning public comment and engagement tool, the housing streamlining ordinance, and its Citizen’s Planning Academy. The 黄金城官网 was delighted to support and champion the city’s application to APA for this award.

Rancho Cordova Council Votes To Re-Establish Planning Commission

In 2021, the Rancho Cordova City Council, at the request of the 黄金城官网, voted to re-establish the planning commission. Restoring the planning commission will help streamline development and reduce the approval timeline by not requiring all projects to be heard before the city council. The commission will hear and decide on quasi-judicial actions such as conditional use permits, major design reviews, tentative maps, variances and director-level appeals.

黄金城官网 Fee Study Prompts Policy Changes at Sac County  

The 黄金城官网 produced a comprehensive study showing Sacramento area local governments charge homebuilders $100,000 per door, which was used as the basis to stop a large park fee, as well as to create policy changes at Sac County.

BOLD Program Approved by Sacramento County

黄金城官网 staff succeeded in getting the BOLD financing program approved Sacramento County Board of Supervisors despite staff objections.

Regional Poll on Housing Issues

黄金城官网 staff led a regional coalition effort to produce a poll on housing issues that produced results useful for both policy and media publication.

Inclusionary Zoning Report

黄金城官网 staff coordinated production of a report on the negative consequences of Inclusionary Zoning, which will be used as we address this issue in several jurisdictions in 2022.

Over $1 Million Secured for Housing Trust Placer 

The affordable housing nonprofit incorporated by the 黄金城官网 was awarded multiple grants and funding awards this year through 黄金城官网 support. Most significantly, a $500,000 grant was awarded by the state after 黄金城官网 staff worked with C黄金城官网 to cut through the HCD bureaucracy. This money matches local funds awarded through Placer County with 黄金城官网 support earlier in the year.

South Placer Transportation Fee Deferral Upheld

An attempt to remove a fee deferral program in the growth area of Placer County was halted through 黄金城官网 staff working with elected officials to keep the program in effect. Members estimate this program saves them $2000-$3000 per unit.

Rocklin Park Fee Proposal Stopped

The Rocklin City Council agreed with the 黄金城官网’s position that the fees proposed by staff were not feasible and directed them to work with 黄金城官网 to come back with a collaborative approach in 2022. Previously, the City had dropped their Trail Fee proposal substantially due to issues raised by a nexus review funded through the 黄金城官网 Issues Fund. The initial proposal called for a nearly $6000 increase per unit.


2020 Policy Highlights

North State 黄金城官网 Receives National Award for Housing Trust

The North State 黄金城官网 won the Best Local Government Affairs Program in the U.S. for 2019 from the National Association of Homebuilders for halting exorbitant affordable housing fees by creating Housing Trust Placer.

黄金城官网 Kept the Building Industry Open During Pandemic

黄金城官网 staff worked with local governments to allow home construction to continue andsucceeded in extending permits in Placer County, Sacramento County and El Dorado County as well as in the cities of Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin and Folsom and West Sacramento. The 黄金城官网 also convinced the U.S. Army Corps to grant extensions of wetland 404 Permits throughout the region.

Regional Election Successes

The 黄金城官网 has the largest and most active Political Action Committee in the region with a budget of $450,000 each cycle.  This year, 80% of the candidates and causes the 黄金城官网 supported were victorious. The 黄金城官网 played a major role in electing leaders in Sacramento County, Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin and Elk Grove.

Sacramento County Entitlement Reform

The 黄金城官网 passed major reforms to Sacramento County’s Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC) process.

New Drainage Standards at Sacramento County

The 黄金城官网 passed new drainage standards that are clearer and offer more county accountability.

Sacramento Central City Impact Fee Increase Waived

The Sacramento City Council unanimously waived an increase of the Central City Impact Fee.

黄金城官网 Stops Rocklin Fees

黄金城官网 stopped a ten-fold fee increase in Rocklin and brought staff to the table to negotiate a more reasonable new fee.

El Dorado County Reduces TIM Fee Update Proposal

The 黄金城官网 successfully reduced transportation fee program by $20,000/unit from the original proposed increase.

2019 Legislative and Policy Highlights

Stopped a proposed $6 per square foot fee by successfully persuading the Placer County Board of Supervisors to support establishing a private trust.

Secured the ability to continue using local Habitat Conservation Plans in-lieu of Waters of the State.

Worked with SACOG to ensure funding for Hwy 65 expansion, 80/65 interchange, and the JPA Connector.

Three meetings to improve relationships with utilities were held for infill, single-family residential builders and custom home builders.

Worked in coordination with C黄金城官网 and members to educate regulators on current foundation and construction standards regarding increased vapor intrusion.

Successfully encouraged Placer County staff and Board of Supervisors to change their sustainability plan to encourage, rather than require, any mandates that exceed the 2020 construction code.

Successfully urged Roseville, Rocklin and Elk Grove to adopt the BOLD financing option to make building more viable.

Partnered with the City of Elk Grove and CCSD to amend the local fire code, in particular the definition of “remoteness” which would have a negative impact on future housing projects.

Worked to steer Measure U funding opportunities back to affordable housing, identifying $100 million in gap funding over the next five years.